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The Let Your Light Shine Movement aims to inspire and empower everyone on the planet to shine their light and be more of their authentic, beautiful self. In doing so, collectively, we create "Heaven on Earth." When Your light shines, OUR world shines that much brighter.

Our mission is to provide an inspirational and empowering ripple effect of 1 Million people (or more) who believe in themselves by December 31, 2024. Be part of the movement that generates lasting change for generations to come. Join the movement by filling out the form on this page. Do it for yourself; inspire others as a result. We'd love to include you.

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Optional: You are also welcome to download and use the PDFs below. Take a picture of yourself with them and post on social media, or create your own special creation with them to showcase your commitment to being your authentic self and shining!

What's next?

After you join the movement, you'll be invited to be featured on our social media pages! We'd love to feature YOU in a dedicated post and/or do an IG Live video with you! (this is optional)

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What is this Movement?

The Let Your Light Shine Movement is about choosing to be more of who you authentically are and allowing that to be seen and felt by the world around you. This movement is about believing in yourself and taking a stand for who you are.

Like a diamond, we are all fractals of the same radiant light. Every person alive is light. Is love. Some of us see our own light, and we are excited to be who we are and shine that light. Some of us feel our light but are afraid to shine it. Some of us don’t see or feel our own light at all.

It’s time for all beings to rise to the calling of their soul’s true nature. To shine, Shine, SHINE.

  • Who are you?
  • What does it mean to be you?
  • What does shining your light look and feel like for you?

Your light is unique to you and always just as beautiful as another’s.


“No one belongs here more than you.” ― Brene Brown


Who is This Movement For?

This movement is for everyone. Literally, every-person-alive.

There are nearly 8 Billion people living on planet earth. This movement is for them, I mean, You.

One person shining their authentic light generates greater ease, flow and higher vibrational momentum around themselves and everyone they come in contact with. This leads to more healing; more receiving; more connection; more jubilation and inner abundance ~ for all.

“Be a light unto yourself.” Buddha

“Just as one candle lights another and can light thousands of other candles, so one heart illuminates another heart and can illuminate thousands of other hearts.”
Leo Tolstoy